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Hello? Anyone?

Hey, I'm not sure if this community is still alive or whatever, but it caught my interest because I am currently doing a book project that requires me reading 4 books by the same author and then critique their work.

Obviously, I picked Joyce Carol Oates and I have read (And LOVED) Big Mouth and Ugly Girl. I could really relate deeper then in normal young adult novels

Anyway, the paper is comming up soon, and I was wondering if anyone had any good quotes that I could incorporate into my paper.

My thesis is based on how she explores the darker side of people of privelege (the wealthy, celebrities, famous professors of giant universities ect.).

In "Angel of Light" it was easy since every single character belongs in a mental home for the rest of thier lives meanwhile they have more money then they know what to do with.

In "Big Mouth and Ugly Girl" I was going to talk about the parents and their impact on Matt and Ursela. I know the one quote I remembered, Matt said "My parents aren't rich like yours, Ursela"

My other 2 books are in the process of being read "Black Water" and "I'll Take you There"

Any help on "Big Mouth and Ugly Girl" quotes or just respond.

Either way. Thanks
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